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Claim System

Quick Internet Software Solutions

Basic Features:

  • entirely web based
  • manage claim files
  • client information management
  • claim loss run reports
  • diary reminder up to X days in the future
  • over 150 reports to analyze data
  • fully customizable rates by service by location
  • claim documents stored and retrievable on-line
  • Bill Repricing
  • State complient Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Internet Software Solutions?

An Internet software solution (web based software solution) combines the benefits of inter connectivity of the Internet with the efficiency of a business's software solution. Put another way, this is making business software solutions more robust and easy-to-use by enabling them to share data without physically moving, dictating, or entering data.

What is a software solution?

A software solution means using computer technology to solve a given business problem. Some advantages to using computers include the use of an organized, paperless data storage (a database), performing repetitive functions precisely and quickly, and running massive computations allowing for accurate, descriptive statistics and data analysis. Other benefits include increase in efficiency and handling and satisfying a much larger user market as in the cases of retail inventory or managing insurance claims.

What is internet-based software?

An Internet-based solution (or web based software) takes all the power of a traditional software solution and utilizes the Internet to exchange data across any distance instantly at any time of day. Sharing data from a single database enables the same, up-to-date data to be used by each division of a given company no matter where it is physically located across the globe.
An exciting result of the way QISS implements Internet software solutions, by developing programs which reside right on the host server, allows for modifications and features added to be used just as soon as they are implemented-- there is no time-consuming shipping, upgrade, nor worry of conflicting versions or system incompatibility. For these reasons and more, web-based software solutions are a growing niche in the business world.

For more information visit their website at www.eqiss.com

Claims Management System